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Water injection system

Kazhakstan Tasbulat gas field

Country/place: Kazhakstan/Tasbulat
Enduser: Tasbulat Oil Corporation LLP/OMV Petrom
Engineering by: Enereco/Sonnek
Project name: water injection system Tasbulat oil field
Date of commissioning: 07/2014

Scope of supply:
2 pcs. containerized water injection modules with each 2 pieces, high pressure pump Hammelmann type HDP252, 2 pcs. climated 10 ft container with control unit.

Important features:

  • Containerized systems (20 ft container)
  • Climated electrical container (10 ft container)
  • Max. flow rate each: 31.9 m³/h
  • Max. pressure: 160 bar