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The professional partner for liquid technology

SONNEK Engineering was founded in 1930 and today it's a competent full-range supplier for complex liquid technology challenges. The field of activity contains a lot of industrial sectors & fields of application. The technical solutions contain products of international renowed manufacturers that have contracts with SONNEK Engineering as well as goods and services from the own range of production.

The main business areas are:

The sister company SONNEK Metall- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Ternitz allows additional ways of prodction and enables us to accomplish complex requirements like ready to use plants inclusive pipeline construction, armatures, control technique, steel and special container construction.

SONNEK ENGENEERING GMBH - Gassergasse 34 - A-1050 Vienna
Email info@sonnek.com - Tel. +43 1 545 22 92 - Fax. +43 1 545 74 64

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Sonnek Engineering GmbH - Gassergasse 34, 1050 Wien
Tel: 01/545 22 92, E-Mail: info@sonnek.com